Dusty Lake access


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Fished it last March and caught close to 30 fish but none were over 16 inches and no Browns were caught. I was 69 yrs old then and packed my old Caddis poontoon boat which has a plastic frame and 4 foot poontoons plus 2 fly rods. Lots of people hiking down to it but not fishing which I never saw in past years. Fished Quincy last Mon-Tues and passed by the parking lot to Dusty and saw two dudes headed into the lake with questionable fishing gear, but who knows.
Still a fun lake to fish on a sunny day.


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One of the lakes that has been on my bucket list for years has been Dusty. I have never been in that area really, not fished any of the lakes up there. Why would I pass up the good fishing at Lenice to head to a lake that may or may not produce as well for me. When I first heard of it about 25 years ago, I was told that it is a scramble down and in with a float tube, unable to get a pontoon in there from above, but could do that from below with a long walk. I only owned a pontoon at that time so I never made it up that way. Today, being a wonderfully nice day, I decided to take the wife and explore the area there. We arrived at the Dusty Lake trail next to Burke Lake and headed down the trail. It is an interesting trail to say the least. I am 62, in reasonably decent shape, and it is hard for me to imagine carrying my float tube down that trail without a lot of difficulty. Seems like the tube would be bouncing off rocks and sagebrush all the way down. I could imagine doing this 20 years ago, but not so much now. My wife likes to walk/hike, she does not like steep trails, at all, but we are still married, I believe. Actually, I did drive down to the lower trailhead after we got back to the truck, and followed that in. A much better trail, but we went to Ancient Lakes instead of Dusty. (I figured I should have kept going right instead of left.) I suspect if I get around to fishing this lake, it will probably be from the lower trail.

I'm thinking that WFF should come up with some merit badges like the Boy Scouts, and doing the upper Dusty trail should warrant on of those badges.

So is it really that tough? Or am I just a wimp? BTW, I have an Outcast SFC with backpacking straps.


PS. That is gorgeous country there for hiking. Highly recommend.
I have hiked float tubes down lots of times. We hiked pontoons down the trail and it was a one time deal for me.... but we hiked em down and fished 2 full days so it actually was worth it.

Boat is nice on Dusty for ease of access to the different zones but definitely not a deal breaker.

My best fishing days at Dusty have been from shore.

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