Anyone know what happened to Patriot Fly Fishing?


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Im curious if anyone has insights on what happened with Patriot? I ordered from them last year because of a cool article they had about perdigons in fly tyer. My first and second orders took some time to deliver (Like a month) but I was able to chat with Paul and it sounded like his local post office was the issue, and the fact they were a small biz trying to keep up with a new found demand.

I ordered from him again because his little jig hooks are great for perdigon flies and literally 2 months have gone by and nada ... no responses to email, not answering the phone, etc ...

Is it one of those victim of your own success things where they couldn't scale to meet the demand given a lot more of us are tying these days? Or did something happen? Talking to Paul last summer he came across as a good dude, but seemed to have a tough time getting the help needed to fulfill all the orders.

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