FS SOLD Patagonia Stormfront Waterproof Backpack New $125!


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Brand new. Color is 'Pigeon Blue.' 'Style 49165. ' Sell for $125 including shipping anywhere in the lower 48. PayPal Ok, but you pay paypal fes, if any.
Sorry, no trades.


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Do you happen to know if this pack will work with Patagonia's convertible fly fishing vest - the vest that detaches from its back piece and attaches to the pack?
I don't, I do not have the vest so am not sure exactly what the mechanism is. They are great packs though.


The pack arrived today in as new condition. Sent from the west coast to the east using 2nd Day Priority mail and very well packaged.

Thank you. Now I have one less excuse to stay off the water when the weather sucks - no more wet gear.

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