Sauk River Rules


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I agree that regardless of regulation that it's tacky to drive sleds well up the Sauk, especially upstream of the Suiattle. That gets to be some pretty skinny water where the channel braids begin. Maybe it's time to lobby the Skagit and Snohomish County Commissions to ban ICE boats on the Sauk. I think it would be a rather small minority who would oppose it.


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Go here and read down to Vessel Operation Requirements

2) No vessel shall be operated closer than 150' to any shoreline, dock, float or other vessel, except at idle or "no wake" speed.

So...I guess the Skagit is out too!


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I have seen Farrar above White Creek before. Then there was the time that skagiteer from Oregon launched his sled at the Brinnon briged and went up river into the Sauk reservation.We ran into him at Beaver flats, D]ragons tooth, and Otters. When DeLeon and I got back to the launch all his tires were flat. The locals know how to deal with that!

Lemme guess, my favorite guide of all time? How that guy hasn't been hit in the face by now is beyond me. I mean he's practically begging for it.

bk paige

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As soon they seen Chris, John and me they corked the next two runs as we were in a drift boat and him and his little buddy were In a sled. But at least I didn't have to change 6 tires in the dark in a different state in an area with little cell coverage or any kind of services around!

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