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Wow! That's a lot. I'm ignorant about this. I have fished the river and had boats pass by me saying they were going all the way to the lake to take out. I saw a drift boat trailer parked on the side of the road just upstream of the Salmon House restaurant one time, but have never figured out where people can launch or retrieve a boat. The parking lot around the restaurant has signs saying it is for customers only. Not that I intend to do it, but if I may ask, where exactly are people retrieving their boats?

I had assumed all the dudes and bros were still taking out at the Salmon House parking area (since all the vehicles are still parking across south shore road just east of the restaurant), but more likely at the campground these days as pbunbury suggests?

Disclaimer - I have never made the float, nor desired to.


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bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
It's as Q river but not that one. I'm personally more impressed with the fifty calibre bead. I'm fishing a golf ball next time I have a gear rod in hand. Why not?

I talked to a guy using a golfball sized cheater on the Hoh 15yrs ago, bg fish big bait was his moto!


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Yeah, what's with the tassles? is that just decorative or do they serve a purpose?

I'm thinking it would be fun to hang a string of dingleballs down the length of my spey rod.

The tassles could be helpful as a reminder in the salt, or muskie fishing, to strip set....


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Remember hitting up the "BeaverFest" for WW kayaking on the Beaver River in upstate NY about a decade ago (Jesus - time flies!) and seeing some of the the cool kids wearing NBA jersey's over their PFDs, shades, and cash-money bling-chains over all of that. Got a good laugh out of that, but haven't seen it since. IMO it's high time the IG-crew adds the jerseys and chains to their getups, and start throwing gang-signs in pics as well...

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