Saw These Gems on Instagram Tonight


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I actually enjoy Instagram and have an account.
I enjoy it not so much for the fishing but for other interests I have such as flies, food, cars and some of the treasure hunting / metal detecting and old bottle collecting that folks do.
Yes....I’m a old fart. ;)


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Fortunately this topic isn't filled with controversy like "is fishing with a dry/dropper still flyfishing?"


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If nobody would look, nobody would post...
Damn the 'gram anyways....right ?
Don't have an account, so never see anything to hunch up my undies.
Back in the day, before the inner tube, all ya had was fishing n hunting lies, liars gazette and those type mags.
Nobody posted pics in those either.

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I love when people spot fouls through IG and want to make a fuss about it, when there is a great chance the pics were found in the first place because folks are using IG to follow guides to try to get intel, and searching hash tags for the same reason. Maybe someone posts a pic of a nice fish caught and you recognize the background etc.

Not saying that's the case here, just in general.

People sure love to bitch about IG and social media, but its nothing more than a digital platform to support what has been going on for decades. IG=Digital Fishing and Hunting News.

Poor fishing is not caused by social media. I post plenty of Puget Sound fishing pictures on IG. It hasn't made Puget Sound fishing suck one bit. Fishing sucks when there are no fish. Lake fishing isn't going down hill because of IG. Bass fishing isn't terrible because of IG.

Steelhead fishing sucks because there are next to no steelhead anymore. It's nice to have a scapegoat, but blaming everything on social media seems a bit absurd to me.

Anyway, not much of this post has anything anything do with the OP. Those tassels are rad. I'm gonna get some for the steering wheel in my boat.

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