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I've heard it is hard to go wrong at Rufus with a crawdad fly. I have usually used woolly buggars but next time.............
It wasn't a fish I caught. A neighbor camper ran about a hour up the lake and used a little jig in a rock pile and pulled that toad up. He came back, handed it to my wife while it still had life in it. She put it in the trailer refrigerator until I could grab it and clean it.

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A friend who is a retired WDFW manager told me that hatcheries can add crushed crab and shrimp shells in the food to get fish with pink/orange colored flesh. Commercial hatcheries like Trout Lodge and Pacific Aquaculture do this to make their products more attractive in the stores. The shells are a waste item from seafood processing plants, and are inexpensive.

He said WDFW once did an unscientific blind taste test (not sure how many people), and the pale flesh tasted just as good as the pink/orange. Maybe so, but it sure looks tasty!

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The rub on the nose and fins from the cement pen says....
I spent my life eating pellets and then 1 woolly bugger.
I caught a fish like that out of one of the lakes in the Warm Beach area. I never realized that I could catch a fish that large in a lake. I had to tow it to shore. It was spiting eggs out it's ass all the way there. Cleaned it and took it home to eat. Should of just ate the pan it was cooked in as it really tasted bad.

That kind of put me off on eating fish caught out of a catch and keep lake. Now I don't eat fish at all.

Steve Kokita

Wow!! For a hatchery trout...it was excellent! Even Lue and my wife liked it, and she’s not too crazy about trout. It didn’t have the bland muddy taste most stocker trout have....well I’m good for another year or so before I keep and eat another trout.
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