Montana - new record brown trout


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Serious question; why would he have been using four pound test line? Casting spoons after dark for big Browns, you're not going to spook them with something heavier. It doesn't make much sense to me.

Heck of a fish.
Great question. Maybe 4lbs casts (a tiny bit) further? Maybe he likes bragging about how big of fish he caught on 4lbs test? Interesting choice for night fishing either way.


Practice your craft.
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Dude is from Conrad. Love it. We have a mutual friend.

Also love that he was out with his daughter. What a killer story. Good on him.

We need more of this

Riogrande King

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Can't believe I'm not seeing more of this. Broke the record that had stood since 1966. Sounds legit.


Robbi Doctor from Conrad caught a new state record brown trout out of the Marias River Wednesday night. The huge brown trout weighed 32.43 pounds, breaking the old state record which weighed 29 pounds and was caught out of Wade Lake in 1966 by E.H. “Peck”Bacon. We were told it was verified on Thursday by FWP.

Congratulations Robbi!


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