Did Redington stop making


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Fishing clothes? Shirts and quick dry pants, etc?

only seeing hats and t-shirts for
The most part. Use to make some quick drying lightweight pants, fishing shirts with little nuances to aid in fishing, or am I missing it?


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Trying to find a good pair of fishing pants. Redington had some good ones at one time. As did Simms and North Face. But having hard time finding something good again. Don’t like the stretch material stuff that seems to be popular now, I’m a tweener in terms of inseams...best at 33. 34 to long and 32 a bit short. Redington had 33 but years ago. My weight fluctuates 15ish pounds. Heavier in winter and lose it as the sun shows itself. So always like a little elastic smallish hip band.
I’m looking at Orvis pants but need to go try on. I like to hike and get wet...sit for an hour or so and the pants are basically dry again when time to hike again. Or take off and hang and dry at camp in the afternoon or evening ...especially when beach fishing. It’s just the knee down for most of the time, but once in a while it goes higher than the knees. Sometimes on purpose and other times accidental consequences of walking in water. So what’s out there to look at?


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My three season freshwater pant under waders or alone is the Patagonia M’s Guidewater II pants in long. They dry fast and also good for travel. Saltwater Beach fishing or Steelhead under waders I wear the Patagonia shelled insulator pants. Both fit me well and have room for weight fluctuation. I’ve been wearing each model for at least five years.

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Last weekend I bought 8 or so exofficio shirts for around 4 dollars a piece. I also got a cloud veil. And passed on two Patagonia because they were worn.. if they have shirts they will have pants too..

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