WTB WTB wading pants. Size large

Phil Englin

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Looks for a set of wading pants size large. 9-11 or 10-12 stockingfoot with 34” inseam. Simms, Patagonia etc. Anyone have a pair they are not using?


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I bought the Cabelas brand about 3 years ago. No complaints. Light weight, but pretty tough. No issues as of yet. They are very reasonably priced.


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Just a heads up on the Simms ones is that a large only has 9-11 feet .... if you have larger feet you need to go up to an xl ..... that said I have size 12 feet and bought the wading pants in a xl on sale and love how much easier they are to put on and take off with the bigger feet..... although a little on the baggy side ...... I rarely wear the G4s anymore.....

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