FS WTB: 8wt. Single Hand lines for Salmon/Steelhead

Looking to pick up a few lines to put my 9'ft 8wt SH rod to use. Let me know what you got, the worst I can say is no thanks! All suggestions welcomed. Here's a short list of lines that fit the bill.

Nymph Lines:
RIO InTouch Trout/Steelhead indicator line WF8F 210gr.
Scientific Anglers Amplitude Anadro/Nymph line WF8F 260gr.
Cortland Specialty Series Salmon/Steelhead line WF8F 240gr.
Airflo Nymph/Indicator fly line WF8F (Super-Dri/Kelly Galloup)

Swing Lines:
Wulff Ambush AMB WF8F/WF8.5F 290gr./325gr.
RIO InTouch Single Hand Spey WF8F 300 gr.
RIO InTouch Skagit Trout Spey WF4F/WF5F 325/375 gr.

Recommendations always appreciated. Thanks!
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