SBS Jig Craw


Soap Lake Posse
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Something that has worked well for me on both bass and trout: IMG_20210307_151636_279.jpg

-90 degree jig hook (Mustad 32833) and 4.5 mm tungsten bead (slotted disco dark)
-marabou (brown/black barred MFC)
-rubber legs (brown spanflex)
- light and dark brown simiseal
-hen saddle dark brown variant
-orange senyo fusion dub
-squirrel strips in orange/brown

Start by tying in marabou tail and thread base: Screenshot_20210307-180809.png
Add rubber legs out back 2 per side: Screenshot_20210307-180817.png
Add a clump of senyo's: Screenshot_20210307-180824.png
Now cut and add two nice full squirrel strips one to each side: Screenshot_20210307-180851.png
Another clump of dubbing: Screenshot_20210307-180902.png
Now wrap hen saddle feather forward hackle style: Screenshot_20210307-180909.png
Now make a dubbing loop and add a clump with all three dubbing. More sparse with orange then the browns: Screenshot_20210307-180920.png
Brush out and wrap forward. Then whip finish and brush out whole fly. Top view: Screenshot_20210307-180932.png

Catch big fish! Screenshot_20210307-181008.png

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