Drama at Lone Lake Today


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Slightly off topic..but.. A whistle attached to you (wearing a PFD or not) is something to consider. If I hear a whistle, I'm going to check it out and move in to help. Never underestimate the value of a PFD. But if other people are in the area, a cheap, plastic whistle can be even more valuable. PFDs are great. But summoning help is often needed, even when you have the best PFD money can buy.
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Apologies in advance to Lone Lakers for showing up later today with a friend and our combined five kids in tow, most of whom will probably be yelling to/splashing each other from various small watercraft. I'll be in a green rowing dory as part of the flotilla.


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This morning I was watching bobbers anchored off the boat launch at Lone Lake. Suddenly, a gentleman launching his pram fell over board 10ft from shore and was desperately hanging onto the side of the boat trying to keep his head out of the water.

I pulled anchors and lines to rush over with other anglers in boats doing the same thing. We got the boat with him still hanging on next to shore when someone waded in to grab this guy and drag him on to shore.

Someone called 911 and within minutes an aid car was on site to assist. They got him on a litter and we able to get him into the back of the aid car to remove his wet clothes. The water temp this morning was 45 degrees and I think his complete dunking knocked the air out of him.

He had a life jacket but it was the type requiring pulling a cord to deploy. He was too busy holding on to boat to complete this action. I also think the shock of cold water addled his actions.

He recovered and was given the all clear from the EMT’s. We helped loading his equipment and boat into his truck. He left under his own power.

It was scary and if he was on his own, this could have had a tragic outcome. I hope he considers buying a different style of life jacket. They don’t work if you can’t inflate them.
Good lord! I have never trusted those PFDs but this is a good reminder. I nearly went to Lone today but thought it was too windy. Thank you for helping out.


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Good on ya. There are generally 2 types of people in this world. When shit hits the fan some people run towards the problem and others run away.

I have been warning my neighbors to wear PFDs when they go out in a canoe or kayak since we live on a lake. Hopefully I don’t have to anymore because they all capsized and the six of them barely made it back. And of course they were drunk.

Water temp was low forties. The kayak capsized attempting to make a sharp turn, then someone tried to pull him in the canoe (???!!!!!?). One kid wouldn’t let go of his kayak; one flailed in panic and tried to drown the next guy who claimed he was too tired to swim; two swam the wrong way, and one made it to shore on his own steam. These guys were wearing sweatpants, sweatshirts and boots. Luckily we had a rope and people that jumped right in. They were all hypothermic.

I guess for some it takes nearly drowning to learn to fear and respect the water. It did for me.
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i see people in whitewater all the time with them and i just think... how ya gonna pull that cord when your no helmet wearing head is knocked out by a rock.

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A Fox 40 or double Fox 40 is the whistle I would recommend
Just don’t blow what might be your last breath through the whistle
Hold on to that one

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