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I've been spey casting for about 20 years now. Been through a lot of rods--stock and custom--and have dealt with custom builders. And since I've built over a dozen rods myself I know what it takes. About a year and a half ago, thanks to this site, I came across Steve Godshall. I was looking for a specific action trout spey and discussed this with Steve. He sent me samples to try in an effort to dial in my preference. We finally got there and he built me a beautiful rod at a great price. The communications were great, the price very fair, and he threw in a custom line to fit.
Steve and I are not personal friends and I have no motivation to post this other than sharing a good thing with the community (but I sense that many of you already know that from Steve's contributions to WFFF). I'd turn to him in a heartbeat for a custom rod.


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My experiences have been the same as yours. He recently produced an ultimate clearwater stick for me, a 16'7" 5 piece 7 wt. It seems to love a Ballistic Vector XL in 660 gr. and the Gael Force 73 and 83 in the 8/9.

Before I picked up this rod, he built me her little sister, a 13'1" 5 wt. that is also a dream to cast. Prior to test driving it, I thought I wanted a 14' 6 wt.

Truly heirloom quality rods with matching lines that us normal folks can afford to own.


Agree..a rod design savant. Amazing some of the non-standard spey rods he's designed. I remember discussing long light rods that IMO were always soft and tip heavy. He let me try a 15' 6wt he hed designed.. It was a true 6wt and yet it was light and has a nice med/fast taper.


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Steve also reworks rods and builds lines to your specs. He is a craftsman of the highest quality and an absolute artist. There are not enough superlatives to describe him or his work. Here are some examples of rods he has rebuild for me. I’m on number six now.


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Yes he is! I think he has also worked along with Bob Meiser on the design for the Immortal series of spey/switch rod blanks for Batson.

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