Is my chironomid on the bottom?


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I'm interested to hear your experience. I've heard this tangles outrageously and casts poorly... but I've never bothered to try it myself.
I tried it after I learned about the slip indicator last spring with some 17# hydro float. Lasted about an hour. Didn't work for me. I'm at ~18" of 15# maxima, whatever depth I need of 6 or 8#, ring or swivel, then 2-3' tippet. But I'm still new to it compared to the other guys.

Wayne Kohan

Thanks for this thread Jay, I am always looking for ways to make my leader better as well. There was another thread about 20 foot leaders and the talk about using braid, and how tangling it was.

I have gone to using Troutpocket’s way of doing things, I use either 6 or 8 pound Maxima as a base, then 6 pound fluoro and 4 pound fluoro. Seems to work well enough. The hassle I have is fishing 12 feet down in one spot, then 4 feet down in another. Then I feel like I have too much line out ahead of my bobber. And I hate adding and subtracting line all day, I would rather be fishing. I guess the fix for that is to carry rods for indicatoring at different depths like Ira and Rod say they do. Hard to carry that much in a float tube though.

I have tried swivels and tippet rings as well, seems like they would simplify some of the connections but I have found them to get in the way more than they help. But I still have them in my bag. I will use the swivel thing if I am using two unweighted chiros to help them get down.

But back to the original point, I have found Ira’s advice about the indi on its side to be good, sometimes it rises, often it just spins or turns with a light hit, especially if you are fishing deeper. Easier to see that with a side floating indi.



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I found some info where braid was used in the indicatoring leader because it does not kink and hangs straight .

I’ll try it on one of my rods and see.

Thanks for all the replies

I tried the braid and love the limpness and lack of memory.
That said, the fun and games stop when you tangle it up as it's pretty much a guaranteed do over.

Big Rob

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Braid is nice if you don't need to cast.
I'll typically use the thicker 4' butt section of a 3x tapered leader, and then 4' sections of 12/10/8 to my swivel. I'll tie up a few of these and have them in my leader pouch.
Rolls out pretty well....


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I think my problem is the very thick butt of the leader right in the indicator, which lays down flat on the water, also causing the thick part of the tapered leader below the indicator to point sideways rather than down.

One of my rods is rigged more like most of you are recommending, with a short butt section, then all light line down to the tippet, and the indicator is always on that light line, never on the thick butt section .

Thanks for helping me think through this



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@Irafly talks about his tear shaped indicators and wanting them to lie on their side where sometimes they pop "up" on a take. I observed this twice this morning. I was anchored in about 14-feet of water on a gentle slope. I was fishing the deeper side of my boat and concentrating on my indicator. All of a sudden it just tilted up (vertical), I lifted and:

Steve - I had 10 takes this morning. I was casting short because it was so windy I couldn't see the indicator very far away from my pram. Two of the eight takes were your kind of take: "buried" whereas most of the takes were darn subtle.

Jay - use a heavier fly.
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I didn't mind how it casted but holy hell was it a pain if you wanted to vary your depth too much. Once the bobber got further away from the fly line it was a nightmare. Plus the tangles.

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