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Economically significant, but existentially loathsome. Insects on a dead thing.

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So now I'm thinking I'm like a Fly Fishing version of Tommy Lee Jones from No Country for Old Men. The younger generation and social media has passed me by.
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Your spot belongs to him now. You will have to find a new spot. No amount of reasoning will change what he does. People that post stuff like that have an ego that needs feeding by social media accolades. He cares more about this than quality fishing.

Flylords doing an article on spot burning is laughable. They should not be calling the kettle black as they are the pot and associated with people who do the very things they are warning about.
It's all about likes now, I just gave one to Dustin.

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
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Will hot spotters will start spray painting Xs and -->s on rocks and trees?
At least the current trend on Puget Sound is to throw a fruit or vegetable in your location of choice. I have come across the coconut, the onion, the pumpkin and now the watermelon. for all you young-uns, note how the melon stands in contrast to the ideal cobble for a puget sound holding water. The other old stalwart is a shoe of some sort, typically a shower sandal or flip flop or sorta nasty older sneaker


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After reading the @MGTom post,

reviewing the reminisce, and seeing how detailed the writeup on the Sky was I got to thinking about Beckey's Alpine Guides. They are almost that detailed.

This same conversation raged back then in the climbing community (still does) because traffic jams on climbing routes were not only annoying they are dangerous. Back in the day, the biggest "secrets" in climbing were "first ascents". However climbers liked route finding. You could stand off from and glass a route to get a good idea of where it went and maybe carry a sketch (or photocopy from a guidebook) of the detailed route in a pocket to glance at while on the climb, but it was still a challenge. If someone pinned or bolted a route, later someone might feel they needed to chop them to make them "wild and fun" again. Then someone got the brilliant idea of using chalk dust on their hands and it spread like wildfire (because it worked). Once the route was "chalked" you could see nearly every hand and foot hold marked while on the route!

Will hot spotters will start spray painting Xs and -->s on rocks and trees?
everbase.jpg :(
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Chris, you seem very naive. While there are few to no secret spots left in most states, there certainly are some that are very much less known to the public at large. You might think it's selfish not to share those locations with the whole internet world, but it also is just plain smart policy if quality angling and conservation are objectives.

You suggest that if the fishery is so sensitive then the person who knows it as his secret spot should forego fishing it. That suggests a very limited understanding to me.

I'll borrow a name and begin with Frenchman's Pond (which doesn't show on any map anywhere by that name, for very good reason). Frenchman's Pond is a small body of water that grows a small population of native wild trout that often reach good size. The pond produces an annual surplus of 40 trout that can be sustainably harvested, year after year while providing a quality angling experience. Because of the pond's small size and orientation and shoreline vegetation, it can only be fished from a partially submerged log. There is space for one fly fisherman or up to three spin fishing powerbait users.

It's public water, but there isn't room for everyone who would want to fish there if they knew about its existence. The number of rod days per year the pond can support varies according to how many trout are killed. One CNR fly fisher can fish it every day of the season without adversely affecting the population (assuming he's unlikely to catch enough trout to reach the 40 trout mortality threshold). Three powerbait anglers can fish it until their fishing method and success kills 40 trout. It's all downhill after that. And that is why kiss and tell fishermen, or hot spotters, are the bane of quality fishing almost every where.
I don’t disagree. But I think the real issue isn’t the fragile echo system but the fact that someone is fishing in your secret fishing hole. I think you tubers should be responsible with what they post. If someone’s solution is to get mad at a youtuber for posting a location to protect fish your failing. I just struggle with peoples justifications some times. If we all fished dry flies that would also help the stress on fish. But we euro nymph and use every edge we can to catch more fish. How’s that much different than power bait? I think an American can post what he wants and tell anybody what he wants. That’s his right! If he wants to make money off that. Well that’s capitalism. The harm to fish is coming from people not being educated on how to act in the environment. Not YouTube. This is just my opinion I still love you all.


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I’d also like to point out this generation has its flaws. But it’s far more Environmentally conscious than previous generations. We inherited a lot of problems. You can bash this generation all you want but all those superfund site don’t have our name on it.
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