You do anything fun this weekend?


Practice your craft.
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Yesterday, celebrated my wife's birthday. Happy Birthday!


Today, took the fam out for Day #1 of the 2021 season.


Fishing was decent on wire worms and midges.


Definitely feeling spring in the air.

You get into anything fun?


Practice your craft.
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Yesterday was the lingcod opener on the ocean so I ran my first charter of the season. Fishing was very good. Weather was beautiful. Ocean was calm. Boat ran great.

Great start to the season.

You just charge for the boat or can individuals book a day?


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I met a friend at a lake on Whidbey on Saturday. It was planned as a fishing trip but it was so nice out that our wives and combined five kids joined us. We had a blast in our little flotilla of boats, and some of the kids went swimming (!?, brrr). I brought a nice rainbow to the net, and taught my friend how to troll a small black leech and work the oars.

Steve Kokita

Saturday fished a different lake with two friends, went 3/5 on hard fighting trout. Great way to “heal” my left arm from Friday’s second vaccine shot....and was lucky enough not to have to net anything over two pounds!? Beautiful weather....but too many powerboats and jet skis.


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Hiked Badger Mountain three times. Caught a bunch of smallish trout on Saturday. Went on a wildlife drive with my wife today. Elk, mule deer, Sandhill cranes, many raptors, western kingbird, tundra swans, ravens, magpiesrobins, meadow larks, coots, widgeon, blue heron,greater and lesser Canada geese, Brewer’s blackbirds, flickers, morning doves, horn larked,mallards and this guy:
A great weekend.


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I haven’t fished in a month. I’m about to commit a capital murder if I don’t get out next weekend.

Two weeks until I get back to Driggs. Hopefully the SF is wadeable and fishy.


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I fished Saturday, 3 stocker trout. I brought my boat home from the lake house to clean it up and get ready for some bass fishing.


Practice your craft.
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Fun seeing what y’all are up to.

The transition from ski to fish is always interesting. I still have a few ski days left but today got me looking forward for what’s to come.
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