You do anything fun this weekend?


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My local tail-water river fished great today. I was using a new rod that I was pretty stoked to get and probably caught 50+ rainbows. The dog was excited to get out and sniff some fish as well.
The trees are hinting at budding out and daffodils are blooming in the yard. I’m super excited about the spring and next few months.
For dinner I ate the biggest steak I’ve ever eaten and currently in a food coma.


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Planted 300 ponderosa seedlings with my wife and daughter. Recovering from the 2018 South Valley fire, North Central Oregon. If we get 300 out each year for the next three or four years we should be done replanting.

Also hit the nearby tailwater for a few red sides and white fish.

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I spent a glorious day with my Daughter's family - Grandkids flat wore Grandpa out, but what fun! I sprung for ribs and all of the fixin's, Bill did the honors on the Louisiana Grill and dinner was scrumptious! Beats fishing (even though I haven't been out in a year & won't go until I get my 2021 old guy's license), and still beats fishing hands-down and every time! :D :D :D


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- I made good progress on a my deck project Saturday
- I ran some errands and got everything needed to do an oil change on my boat Saturday afternoon
- I nearly got skunked scouting for chum fry Sunday in an MA I have not fished since last spring a couple small rezzies in a different MA saved the morning.
- I exercised twice
- I put together a Thule rod rack which will be ready for my truck cap which should come in the next couple of weeks
- I made fish tacos Saturday
- I spent more than the normal amount of time on the toilet Sunday
- I did laundry
- I tied a few flies
- I cleaned our cats litter box
- I played with my dogs in the yard
- I went to the dump
- I did a little work, work...

I guess that’s it. To summarize; nothing very interesting. Pretty typical weekend for me.

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