You do anything fun this weekend?


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Left my house in Fife to fish the Cow. Battled traffic for 1/2 hour, then realized left poles at home, so got to Tacoma mall exit and turned around. Spent rest of day doing chores, urg.
Been there done that... Glad you realized it in Tacoma and not in the Blue Creek parking lot!



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Woke before dawn and hopped a ferry to see if there were any salmonids in a playful mood. There weren't, but I saw eagles, Kingfishers, a bevy of River Otters, Harbor Seals, and (I think) a Harbor Porpoise. Plus, the rain held off until I was ready to leave so I'm scoring that in the fun column. Hiked Cougar Mtn Park with my wife for half a day, got together with friends for a socially distanced hippie music jam, did some gardening; all good.
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On Sunday I wired a 12v outlet into the canopy of the truck to charge the Jackery while I'm driving. It is charging at about 80w at idle, a little less than with the 100w solar panel. A nice upgrade to get some free energy between point A and point B.

Surprisingly I saw 108w out of my panel last week-definitely not one of those under performing panels that I hear complaints about. Finally some sunlight so I can play with my solar-cheap thrills!


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I neared completion of a new tying table. View attachment 275101 View attachment 275102 I’d been mentally planning it for quite a while but never made the time. Then in mid February I celebrated my 59th birthday with an aneurysm, a helicopter ride and a 5 day all inclusive stay at Hotel Harborview. :rolleyes:

I was wicked lucky, the bleed was small, and don’t seem to have any significant losses. Since I was/will be off work for at least a month and can’t drive anywhere I figured the table would be a ‘feel good’ project.

The wood is reclaimed from a cedar picnic table my dad made when I was a kid. I’d been saving the wood for an ‘heirloom’ type project and figure this was it.

I still need to seal the under side of the table top and attach it to the base....but hope to be tying on it by Friday. :)
Nice box joints...
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Any time after 5:00 on Friday is the weekend.
Got the first lawn mowing out of the way.
Spent the day Saturday with the GF fishing and visiting a bunch of beaches collecting stuff for her art.
Ate a bunch of good grub, including ribs with some adult beverages.
Visited my mom at her care home. Finally getting closer to being able to visit her inside rather then outside.
Wished a happy 104th birthday to one of her housemates.
Got soaked on a beach hike on Sunday afternoon.
Leftovers clean-out for dinner on Sunday.
Ribs, prawns, pasta salad.....


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Surf 4-6 feet. Bonefish inshore too rough to go offshore. Spring break ends today, back to the computer teaching tomorrow.

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