You do anything fun this weekend?

bk paige

Wishin I was on the Sauk
Yesterday I had the joy of taking a family if 4, including a young man age 11 and a young woman age 9 out on the ocean. Helping and watching those kids catch lingcod and rockfish was just a treat.

Today, among my crew, was a gentleman around my age who has stage 4 cancer. A FB fishing group donated to buy him a trip as he'd never fished the saltwater and it was a bucket list item. Such a great guy and he enjoyed catching fish every bit as much of those kids, including the biggest lingcod of the day.

Really fun weekend, and between both experiences a great reminder of why fishing is so awesome. We need more innocent kid laughter as they catch fish with their family and the pure joy of someone living in the moment in this crazy world we are living in. My job definitely didn't feel like a job the last two days.

Makes all the bad trips, hard hours, unruly clients a thing of the past.

Keep it up Nick, you're the Rockstar out there!


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Took off Friday, explored a few beaches and caught a few fish in this range. Great day....


Spent a Saturday morning tying flies and researching a new spotting scope to purchase which should arrive Thursday. Good day...



Spent Sunday morning doing my taxes. Don’t remember much after that. Ugh....



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Got the kids out on the lake Saturday PM. Had a blast. Got wet, caught a few, lots of fun and smiles. Was a bit surprised at how few people were on the lake, only 3 other boats on the water when we got there, and one of them was my friend and his kids.


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<sigh>. still have not been able to get out at all. Came back from a month on the road to a back yard that was 2 feet tall with various weeds and human hating vegetation. Found out spousal unit did not send in catch cards to Oly like I asked her to before I left.

Took 3 hours Friday, and 4 hours Saturday to get most of it knocked down to where it can be raked .

Found out have fence and gate repairs to do, and watched the 5 1/2 yro trimmer/ edger go up in flames.

So, Sunday was spent arguing with the ryobi rep about her lack of product line understanding, buying replacements for the trimmer, tools and materials to fix the fence and gate. Hoping weather holds so i can get this crap done and get out for some simple peace time.
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