SOLD Triump 170cc fly-fishing machine


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3 is no problem. I have used mine to guide fly fishers in the sound for the last few years. Myself and 2 fly casters is no issue. I've fished mine all over Puget Sound, and had it in some pretty nasty water. For a 17' boat it handles it mighty well.

I've never personally taken it to Neah. With experience, and watching the weather closely it could definitely be done, even if it isn't the ideal boat for it. If you're looking for a boat to do a lot of Neah stuff as well as the sound I'd probably look for something a bit larger. If you're looking for a sound boat that could do the occasional trip to Neah on the right day, then this could be fine.

There's a good possibility mine might be going up for sale in the very near future.
What size motor are you running? Is a 60 HP too small? Do you have a kicker and/or a trolling motor? Thanks!


I bought this boat from Rob and I have to say that I absolutely love it. It is perfect for the little inshore sea run cut hunting machine I was hoping for. I spent some money on it as I intend to keep her for a long while. Most significantly, She got a new trailer which was badly needed and is a great upgrade for ease of use. I also installed a new Minn Kota Riptide Terrova 80-lb thrust 24v bow mounted trolling motor with I-Pilot which was money well spent. It makes life on the moving water 100% more enjoyable while piloting the boat and fishing. You can set a bearing along the beach line and troll along at any speed you like. When you get into fish, you hit the Spot Lock on your lanyard control and it holds you in place, even in a strong rip. Works great. 80-lb was high for the weight of the boat, but I wanted it to be strong enough for fast currents. Almost pitched my buddy off the bow a couple times while I was dialing it in the first time out. I am running (2) 12-volt group 31 batteries placed under the console with an on-board charger. It will easily run all day and I just plug it in at night and I am good to go in the morning. I had to make a hinged gate in the bow rail to allow the motor to deploy which was a little intimidating, but after a lot of research, it was not really difficult and turned out great once I got the proper fittings.
Fishing 2 is awesome and optimal. I have not had 3 out to date, but it would certainly be doable with a little coordination. Similar to a drift boat scenario on a river trip. I would likely let my buddies search for fish and when we got on them, I would put on the Spot Lock and start casting like a mad man from the console. It would also be critical for everyone to have a stripping basket of some kind to manage line with 2 or more people on-board.
The motor is a 70HP 4-stroke Yamaha and is a real gas meiser, but will cruise along about 30mph at 5k rpm real smooth. This is the highest rated/recommended motor for the 17-foot CC. The 19-foot boats tend to run up to 115hp and beyond I believe. The Ropelene construction is virtually maintenance free and runs very smooth, dry and quite in chop. Also a great size for one person to load/unload easily enough. Love it!

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