Trip Report Right on, more skunks....

Some guys really know what they are doing. 20 fish days....nymping. i've tried it and im using the right gear. floating line, with a small split shot and apply some jp's tungston mud to the shot and go nymphin. Today, i got a late start around 3:30 on the south fork of the snake in Rigby. just bearly a nibble throwing streamers though. I had on my rio 4 ips versi leader and a 4' leader. just not any good takes.

it's pretty f rustrating. when i lived in WA, OR, AK, i never had problems hooking steelhead and kings of a fly. but these trout....what are they thinking? I'm on foot, so no boat. won't get a boat. Hopefully, ill have a better report next time. Fish my local shelley, id of the snake on monday. worked 1/4 mile stretch along the bank. zero grabs. No bugs were on the water, didn't hear any fish jumping, so i went with streamers. tried 3 different patterns. Any tips, really appreciated. It was good to get the dog out. she swam across the river down a ways. she's 11 but when she wants to go, she just goes. I so want to get back to wa state. dreaming of steelhead, trout and trees. Do i ever miss the trees and forests


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I fished the SF Snake today. It wasn’t easy but I got 2 big cutties on streamers on a floating line and a short mono leader, no sink tip. The fish were in faster water than I expected and took aggressively. Try mixing up the type of water you’re fishing. It might just be you’re fishing where they aren’t sitting.

my gf was fishing dry dropper and got skunked.


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howdy, thanks for your tips. got a 16" brown a few days ago and today i got a believe it or not 24" brown. slow water and first cast once i switched to a olive leech. i have it on video but was fishing alone but i might upload my cell phone to my pc. sure feels so good not to freeze any more


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You'll have to double check your local regs and see if it's legal, but drop shot nymphing has helped me tremendously on those "I can't even buy a fish" days. Here's a Galloup video that explains it pretty well -
Also, if I primarily fish on foot too, and I've found that my success rates increase when I don't use an indicator, and quarter a section of water. It may feel tedious at first, but after a few outings, you'll get the hang of it, and can quarter water pretty quickly.

There was another Kelly Galoup video on streamers shared here. Maybe this might help you out.

Best of luck

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