Will these hooks work for Chironomids

I'm looking at the Daiichi 1770 #14 and #12 to tie standard plain chironomids, nothing fancy. I just received in the mail the 1770 #14 and they look awfully small and the wire is thin/fine... I was expecting stronger wire, but I think I can use the size, but #12 is probably my first choice in size; my issue is the strength of the wire.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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Seems like the long length and curve of that hook would make more sense to do "double" chironomids. It seems like it would be too long for a single pupa. Probably could do a decent bloodworm.


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The 1770 is used on the double chironomid patterns that some use and it does make a good bloodworm in the 14. The 1270 is used for chironomids in smaller sizes.


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A single Chronomid no but you can double up like hendodesign said either that or make some good nymph patterns. Here's google pics for reference


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