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Several weeks back I was browsing a few new features on WFF and I saw a place with my old email address, outdated from like 15 years ago while attending CWU. During the process of updating my account, I received an auto-note from WFF asking to go to my inbox and verify the change. However, I never did see it. There was an opportunity to re-send and I did it a number of times but never did see the email to verify the change in my inbox. During this time, I lost a number of privileges at WFF (posting, seeing pictures, and a few more) and over the course of a couple weeks, gradually weaned myself off WFF, which was probably a good thing overall because I have been very busy at work.

Then this morning a thought came to my mind, wondering if they were going to a junk or quarantine folder. So I opened up my email main page and sure enough, there was a folder that I had never even opened in like 10 years and in it contained several notifications from WFF, along with hundreds of email spam and a few legitimate emails as well, including a couple from long-lost friends, to which I probably would have never been able to contact.

At one point I thought about reaching out to Chris and asking about this situation but didn't want to waste his time on something so I'm really glad I didn't. So thanks to WFF for a teaching moment and maybe this story will help someone else from becoming estranged from WFF.

But the biggest weight off my shoulder is now I'm able to buy off the Classifieds again. I was really wondering what I was going to do if something came up I really wanted.
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