FS Farlex 3 3/4" S Handle Direct Drive 1-1 With sage one 7136 - 1000$


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I have a farlex with sage one combo for sale $1000 both are in excellent condition.
Shoot me a call or text if anyone has questions! Comes with original sage rod tube, farlex reel cover and full line set up.

425 223 2537

-nick D6771EA7-3076-4C46-AA79-06EC0452906D.jpeg D8C515E0-74F8-415C-A54E-42902EB5605A.jpeg CA11EC86-DB33-4C05-B5D4-AB92BB6D7D6A.jpeg 36280187-3E8B-4011-B272-BB123C608534.jpeg 1316D91F-F57B-441A-A484-3705E041C4E3.jpeg

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