Trip Report Another weekend, another ONF river Trail

This time I hiked the Lower Dungeness River Trail. 12 miles and cumulative 2000 feet of gain. I chose this hike thinking it might be in the rain shadow and it was. It was 33 degrees at the trailhead when I arrived at 9:30 and warmed up to 41 by the time I returned at 3:00. Luckily there was barely a breeze and no precipitation so I was plenty comfortable on the hike.

The first 1/2 mile was pretty sloppy, often times walking on exposed, saturated clay. This made for a very slippery start. Luckily, the trail comes close to the forest service road at 0.6 miles so on the way back, I popped up on the road and avoided the muck. After that the trail was in good shape, about half of it on dry duff which makes for easy carefree walking.

I love walking through the rainforest, it's so refreshing.
IMG_20210321_134004.jpg IMG_20210321_100817.jpg IMG_20210321_140615.jpg

At 6 miles there is a shelter next to the river. I stopped there and had lunch before heading back the way I came.

IMG_20210321_121530.jpg IMG_20210321_121456.jpg IMG_20210321_121415.jpg

I was the only car at the trailhead and didn't see another person while I was out. Wonderful trail and I had a great day on it.

Gary Knowels

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Awesome! Can't seem to find a trailhead without a crowd these days.
I've had good luck on the Eastern Olympics/Hood Canal river trails, especially considering I usually only have time to hike on weekends. No more than a few people each trip.

Edit: Just realized you're in Tri-cities, I'm of no help for that area.


WFF Premium
Awesome on the Wonderland permit! I've been trying to get a permit for a 13 day loop for 6 years now without success.
And yeah, Tri-Cities....home of wind and dust storms, which we're expecting tomorrow.
4 more years and I'll be giving up this second career and retiring for good. Just beginning to look at potential places to end up and snowbird from. Rainshadow would be nice.

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