How often do you tie?

Kirk Singleton

Capt Kirk
I have been tying at least a dozen a day for at least a year now. I do my work on speaker phone and tie away! I am pretty much stocked up now for my Washington, Idaho and Montana boxes are pretty full right now!


New Member
Every day; even if it’s just one fly, which it often is, I like to keep the tying muscles from atrophying. I really hate tying anything in multiples any more (there are some exceptions) so I’ll mix things up, or at least do variations on patterns to keep things fresh.

Scott: This is how I tie. I thought I was doing something wrong! LOL
Good to know I’m not too weird. Thanks, Bill Muir

Steve Saville

WFF Supporter
I tie as needed. Just finished up a dozen or so for a trip to the Deschutes next month but I find that after that many of the same or similar pattern becomes tedious so I usually tie only three of any fly. I did tie a boatload of bonefish flies when I went to Christmas Island, knowing that there were none available there. I came back with flies after leaving most with my guide.

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