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With two small kids fishing white water rivers isn’t as realistic as it once was. My kids love fishing from the canoe and the outcast isn’t getting the use I thought it would get.
I bought this about two years ago from a guy who used it once he bought it from Orvis in Bellevue. I’ve only used it a handful of times but I was able to get it set up the way I wanted it to. needless to say it’s in great condition with only some minor cosmetic scratches.

This boat is the main competitor to the water master in my opinion it’s just as damn good if not better. The way I would use it as I would use inflatable mattress air pump to get it about 80% and then finish it with the K-pump. This worked really great for steelheading on the coast. The first things I did to the boat was to wrap the foot bar with rubber tape to keep it from getting scratched or scratching my reels. I also attached a piece a bungee cord as an easy way to hold rods.
The seat is pretty comfortable I know people complain about seats but to be honest this boat serves as a taxi cab going from one river bar to another.

What the boat comes with
I’m not sure of all the technical names so I’ll just tell you what I have for it.
collapsible oars
anchor mount
A bag that goes on the side
K-pump I want to say it’s a 200 it inflate up pretty quick.
A small battery powered air pump for when you really want to inflate quick

I think I have an anchor and maybe a set of kick fins to throw in with the boat. Hell if you’re not an asshole I might even throw in a box of flies.

$600 obo
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Man, that's a pretty low bar you set for the free box of flies. :) But, I gotta say that there is some truth to what that suggests, at least based upon the behavior of some folks I have met over the past year out fishing.

But, yeah, ditto. What are you asking for this? Good luck with the sale.
Great deal here. Frustrated to be stuck down in northern California right now. I'd have been all over that boat in a second. Cheers.


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You can borrow my raft if you want to fish rivers, Grann. Also, I would have bought this from you if I'd known!

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