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I'm going to mention fishing in this thread so I don't need to NFR this post.

This has to do with age. How many people on here are older than I am and still try to fish. I'm 86 and got my money for trips set aside for gas. I'm sticking 400 bucks aside for my 4 or 5 100 miles plus trips. Fishing close to home won't take much for gas. I have two or three places close to home that I have checked out. Might be good or might be bad. But it's called getting the hell away from home. I'm going to go and play with my Fly gear tomorrow to see how they weathered the winter here. Buying my License next month for Montana. I'm kind of really getting antsy to get out again. Last year I made it out about 2 times and didn't even see a fish. Things have to change or I will explode.
I have longer to go till 86 years of age than I’ve been around so far but I sure hope to still be fishing and looking forward to fishing trips as well as hoping there are still fish to fish forwhen I am that age.


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You're an inspiration to this 50 year old guy, Old Man! I hope you bring some nice fish to hand this summer!


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Jim , old man. I've lurked here forever and have enjoyed your posts. My family homesteaded in Montana and my folks moved west before I was born. I grew up in w. Wa and moved east in the late 80's. I dearly miss trips to cq and neah bay in my youth. Salmon, sea bass and the diving was exceptional.
I love the fact that you're still getting out. I have been many times into back country of Yellowstone and several other wilderness areas that are some of the highlights of my life. But now am happy to get out with friends or more often by myself, so I understand you getting out to the skinny water and being happy.
Keep on keeping on.
Maybe I can connect with you sometime in travels east. Would love to meet for a beer or any other beverage, I'm not picky.
All the best ,


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Way to go OMJ! My dad went with me in my drift boat on floats down the Deschutes River until he was 85. He slowed down and spent more time in camp, but we enjoyed those trips a lot. I learned to enjoy just being there with him. He is 92 now and in assisted living, but we still talk about the many trips we made together.

Keep going as long as you can!



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I took my 85 yr old MIL fishing. She reeled in a few trout.

Age is only a number, if you are keeping score..... you will always lose to the Jones'.

My dad and uncle still fish at 78 and 80.
They might not hit the ski slopes anymore, but they will find time to sit in a boat.


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Your the MAN OMJ. I went fishing with my dad and son in BC about 10 years ago when he was 88. Great time, lots of card and drinking a few beers around the picnic table, he caught a couple of really nice fish trolling flies and scared the shit out of us when we let him drive. We finally got his Doc to tell him to stop driving at 94. I'm heading to Edmonds to stay with him for a few days. We will walk around the block. Maybe I'll try to figure out a way for us to get out on a boat this summer. Anyway at your age he only went fishing with me, but would still get in a float tube and harass some fish.

Old Man

A very Old Man
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I have this one creek that I found out in the Hills here in Montana. I drive to a few holes get out of my truck and fish. I haven't got anything there in two years now so the fish should be well rested.

I have found out that the 100 mile drive kicks my ass. So I'm taking a camp chair along to relax in before I fish. Plus I don't walk the skinny water anymore. I have trouble walking across the street. Hell, I haven't even had my waders on in about 5 years now. Biggest fish I got out of that creek was a fat 16 inch Rainbow. It has Cutthroat and Browns in it also with some Rocky Mountain Whitefish. If I want any Grayling I'll go fish the upper Ruby. I got it pretty well scoped out.


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My FIL is 83 and still plays tennis and skis every year. Pretty amazing fellow that is always looking forward to something. I think that may be one of life’s secrets, always keep looking forward and being excited about the next thing. Don’t stop making plans.

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