11 and 12 weight line recommendations for rooster fish


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My wife and I are going to Baja to fly fish for rooster fish and whatever else we may run into.

We are fishing from a panga 3 days, and beach for 3.

We both are avid fly fishers, but this is a whole new game. We do a lot of pike fishing here in Montana, so throwing big flies isn't new to us, in fact I'm sure the flies we'll be using are smaller than what I chuck for pike.

I currently have an 8 weight asquith and my wife uses a 7 weight sage tcx.

Our guide recommended that we use intermediate fly line.

I bought my wife a new Redington preditor 11 weight with a 9/10/11 grande reel. What line would you recommend for this setup?

I bought an original, unused nrx 12 weight with a nautilus silver king reel. It comes with 12 weight airflow floating tarpon line. I plan on taking it off and bringing it as a backup line. What line should I get for this rod?

Thanks for your help, neither of us have fished the salt or rods this big.

We're headed down May 11-18 so we plan on practice casting daily once we get everything setup

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Outbound Short intermediate. It's the best line I've used for water loading the quick 1-2-send casts you'll need to make, and the intermediate tip helps keep the fly in the zone since the right speed for fish down there is usually faster than you could possibly strip it. I have that same airflo tarpon line and used it for about two hours in Hawaii before swapping back to an outbound short.

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