FS TFO AXIOM 2 # 8 8'9" 4 piece rod - exclusive.

Thiago - Brazil

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my shop made a custom lot of this rod with TFO.

AXIOM 2 # 8 8'9" 4 piece. No other shop in the planet have this model.

We have last 3 units in stock (80 rods sold here).

If a friend in the USA would like to own one, let me know.

Very nice rod for bass and baby tarpon.

U$250 each complete rod with sock

Since it is exclusive you can buy spare parts:
  1. U$25 spare tip (limit of 2 + spare tips)
  2. U$35 spare 2nd (limit of 2 + spare 2nd)
  3. U$45 spare 3rd (limit of 2 + spare 3rd)
  4. no butt sections available for purchase

optional case +U$45.00

Shipping U$25 to USA.




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