FS Matte Blue Orvis Hydros IV Reel and Orvis Sling Pack


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The reel is rated for line weights 7-9. It is in “like new” condition (has only been used one time, never seen saltwater). It comes loaded with black backing and a WF-8wt Orvis Clearwater line (also only used one time). I also have the box, neoprene pouch, and wrench to open the drag system that will be included. 230$ for the reel and line. 210$ for the reel alone.

The sling pack has been used for half a season, but shows no signs of wear and tear. The zippers all function properly, there is no damage to the fabric on the pack. 60$.


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Respectfull offer $50 shipped to NJ for the sling pack, need a small one for the wife,
lol i just sold couple of these over winter and she told me this spring that the New ones are too big
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