FS 9' Pontoon Boat


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Looks like a very comfortable boat and probably at home on a little more rugged water than your average 9 ft toon ...... shouldn't last long


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Not clear if this is gone - ???
As of right now, it is available but Poff has indicated he wanted it shipped to his location. So it is likely be spoken for, pending the arrangements and working out the details.


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Anyone who has ever worked with @BDD will already know this - he treats you right.

Thanks for the smooth transaction on the 9' pontoon boat.

It arrived last Thursday and I'm excited to get it out on the water. The frame looks rock solid and the pontoons appear to be in excellent condition.

Always nice to find great people to do business with - Thanks!


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As mentioned, boat has been SOLD!

Thanks @Poff Hope you like it. The frame is not as "tight" as one of our frames, I won't kid you. But it should service you for many years.

The best part about you bringing this up, however, is now I can close it out because I never would went back all those pages to find and post the sale.

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