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Like a lot of folks who enjoy long arms, I grew up shooting with a 22 for fun, training, and competition. I recently got a chance to get the old family trainer 22 shipped up from WA to help my wife practice and develop her "markswomanship" - she has a mountain goat hunt coming up this fall, and with only a couple deer under her belt, I want to do all I can to help her develop as a shooter.

Enter the old family gun, part of my Pa's training regimen when he was an ELD match shooter. A Remington 513-T, I remember being able to knock primers out of spent shotgn shells with this bad larry anywhere inside 100 feet. I hadn't shot it for going on 25 years, but it arrived in AK early last week and after an emergency scopedectomy (it had an old tasco 4x32 that was pretty much permanently fogged), it got some new eyewear in the form of a Vortex Crossfire II 6-18x44, a quick boresight, and a free trip to the shootin' place.
2021-03-31 17.24.55-01.jpeg

It took a couple rounds to center, but after that it was off to the races. I spent most of a 2-hr session shooting at 25yds comparing ammo (more on that in a sec), but I also took a little time to shoot some long range (at least for a 22) shots...and now I'm afraid I may have a new life goal. It took me 4 or 5 tries to get it, but a half-cinderblock at 150yds bore the brunt of the first 20 minute of long stuff. After that, I spotted an old steel sign (probably 12"x30") at 225yds and spent pretty much the rest of the day wingin' tiny bits of lead at that thing, hitting more often than I missed. It was fun actually seeing the bullet travel downrange thru the scope, watching the air disturbance as well (it was snowing), and trying to figure windage with a stiff breeze and a 66" holdover.
Next steps - figuring out if I have enough adjustment in my scope to shoot PoA at 300yds, I think I may need to install a compensated rail in place of the Weaver standard mounts if I wanna go that route.
At any rate, on to the ammo comparison. As a lifelong, on-again off-again shooter, I am very aware of the user errors in shooting, but I also know that ammo selection makes a big difference in how your firearm performs. Today, I got a good example of that in action.
Growing up, I remember shooting everything from janky club ammo to eley and lapua match, and I definitely noted the difference between the various grades. These days, just finding a box of 22 ammo is a win, so I haven't been too picky on what I buy...if the ammo store had dog turds for 22 ammo, I'd have dirty hands, if you know what I mean. At any rate, the latest stuff to hit our town is Aguila CPHP [email protected], and I managed to snag about 1500 rounds. I also got a single 325-rd box of Federal Champion [email protected], and I took 'em both to the range today to see which one works better in this gun -
2021-03-31 18.19.24-01.jpeg
Left is Aguila, right is Federal. I was pretty shocked at the spread considering the result at 50 and 100 yds wasn't near as drastic, but spread they are. Now I know what to get and what to avoid, problem is we may nott get another shipment of federal ammo here until july...

Anyone else shoot 22 at range? If so, It would be cool to compare notes as I start down this slippery slope...


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Watch x-ring on youtube. His matches are fun to watch. He does shoot PRS Rimfire & NRL-22 as well...which is the .22 based match shooting. In addition to larger bore stuff.

I think most people are in the same situation though. Where you run what you can get your hands on...which isn’t to say much.


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I also got a box of Browning coated, they are about halfway in between thw Aguila and the Federal out of this gun

CCI Mini Mag still shoots best most consistently out of anything I’ve shot. It’s been the hardest to get in any quantity though.

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Shooting a .22 makes old guys become kids again. My favorite round/rifle.
CZ 455 that I accurized; Vortex optics, Lilja barrel, reworked trigger, Wolf Extra - 5 shots, 50 yards, intermittent breeze left to right.
Wolf Extra.JPG

Same rifle, Geco target loads, 50 yards, 10 shots, steady breeze right to left.
Geco Target Loads.jpg

When shooting for accuracy, I sort my ammo by weight. Can't find this ammo now, and I'm saving what I have in the event I decide to shoot a few matches this summer. MiniMags shoot fairly well also, although POI is a bit higher & the groups open up but it works well for pests.
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I have a model 1942 Remington with a semi bull barrel. It was refereed to as the poor mans target rifle when manufactured. At 50 yards it is wickedly accurate out at 100 yards the pattern opens up quite a bit. Still good enough for 'dogs' though.

The range master where I use to shoot a lot told me I had to qualify to his standards to shoot it at 100 yards. Handed me a target and said I want 10 for 10 in the black at 25 yards. Was he surprised when I put nearly a full box inside the10 ring. He was kind of pissed as he couldn't count the holes, LOL, very little black left in the 11/2 inch bull, except for a fringe around the edge about a 1/4" wide. Quite amazing as the rifle is 80 years old.

The trigger sear was screwed up so had a smith fix it using model 52 trigger. Not good but enough. The peep siight that came with it is long gone and now wears a 4X 22 scope.


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I usually shoot a Remington 541T as an accurate shooter, but I keep 2 Ruger 10/22 for plinking when out camping. I was trying to get my brother to get into shooting, and I found a Remington 580 single shot rifle at DJs Pawn in Bothell for 80$. The rangemaster Roy at Kenmore looked at it and bet that it had never been shot before. It's a nice gun. I like the 541T best, and it does well with Federal Match or RWS ammo. One other gun of note was my first rifle, and Marlin Model 2000 match smallbore gun with all iron (peep) sights. I once shot a 1/4 inch group at 100 yds with just the iron sights. Of course that only happened once and never again

Jim Ficklin

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I shot a 541-T when I participated in NRA Junior Smallbore competition as a kid. My Son has it now & it's still a great shooter.


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Great shooting. I had the sporting version of this rifle (513-S) which is kind of rare. It was the most accurate .22 rifle I have ever shot. It had a 1980's Japanese Weaver 3x9 with good glass. I sold the rifle last year because I preferred my Model 521-T model which was nearly as accurate and smaller. Fantastic rifles.

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