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** SOLD **
Limited edition Sage 3280 fly reel with extra spool - Reel and primary spool are Sage’s special Breast Cancer Awareness / Casting For Recovery pink, and the extra spool is bright platinum. Sized for 6-8wt rods, 3½” diameter, and weighs 6.2 oz. Currently set up for left hand retrieve but can easy be changed to RH.

Reel and spool are in 10/10 condition with no mars, scratches or dings. I am the original owner and both are spooled with 30# Cortland Micron backing (pink) and come with Sage neoprene reel pouches. I had this paired with a TFO Casting For Recovery 8wt rod (also available) but I’m changing my 8wt lineup

Message or post here for more info

I’ve also got several other nice reels and a couple of 8wt fly rods (including the TFO Casting For Recovery) available that I’d be happy to work into a package deal – Some lightly used fly lines too.

Located in SWFL



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