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Giants-Dodgers series the past 4 nights were great games. The last three games the team with the lead going into the 9th inning lost.
I like watching millionaire closers who pitch one inning about every third night get hammered. Back to back nights like LA's Kenley Jansen had are sweet. He gave up 7 earned runs in one inning total over 2 games for two losses. Umps blew a call, Dodgers 2nd baseman was lazy and those cost the Dodgers the game last night, but it is still exciting baseball.

As far as the Mariners...I am with @quilbilly, Go Kraken!


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If I were the AD I'd fire his ass, and promote the next vaccinated guy on the staff. It's not like WSU is Alabama here, it's not going to hurt their National Championship chances.
After all, they aren't going to go 0-12 either, like some teams have...teams with purple...and gold.

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