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This year the M's surprised everyone. They did way better than expected. They usually are trying not to be in last place or maybe to have a winning season.

Now that they have a 'taste' of success; a winning season and a chance at the playoffs, it provides a base to improve from. A couple of trades or using their farm club, and better attitudes, and next year could be even better. At least that is how I like to view it rather than the bah-humbug they are not good enough..
as a mariner fan ,this is all we got !


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It means they previously didn't win enough games to not rely on others failures to prosper.
You can try to paint me as ignorant of how things work as much as you want, but I do know this; every team that is "good enough" relies on the failures of others. Most specifically the teams they play.

You started this little tit with a generic "they need someone else to fail so they will advance". LOL! Every team needs some other team to fail in order to win. Wins and losses is how they keep track. Someday I'll explain it all to you...


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What a dramatic season. Most games were slogs, but at least we had an exciting finish. Looking forward to the rest of the sports season, especially the Kraken’s first inaugural season


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Yesterday's farewell to Kyle Seager was obviously an emotional and heartfelt tribute to what he has meant to the M's organization, especially watching the reverence and obvious affection of JP Crawford and Jared Kelenic two young stars of the future who came in with Seager's guidance. Can anyone explain why it seems to be a foregone conclusion that he will not be back with the Mariners given the season he had and the influence he has in the clubhouse of a very young team? I would think he would be worth as much or more in Seattle than elsewhere.
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$20 million club option for 2020 is likely one of the main reasons he won’t be back.
That isn’t a lot of coin by some clubs standards, but it is for the Mariners.
Being 33 years old on a club rebuilding with youth likely doesn’t help his cause as well.


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Yes, there's good reason to believe that the Mariners won't pay Seager's option. Before Kevin Mather got booted out (for good reason), he stated that Seager was already overpaid. I'd love to have him around as there's no doubt he helped the younger folks develop. Mariners have also been notorious with their checkbook as well. Lookout Landing said that we're 25th in spending.



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Crappy BA. But he had his best year for HR and RBI.

He has a solid glove .
I wouldn't let him go.
35 HR's, 100 RBI's, batting .280 with runners on, .310 with runners in scoring position and .356 with 2 outs and runners in scoring position. That might be hard to replace. Have him bat more towards the bottom of the order and look for a DH who can hit both for power and average. I'm pretty sure Seager probably approached his finances in the same methodical manner that he did his game. Here is hoping he wants to spend more of his remaining time in baseball with an S on his cap. And management may take a hard look at what happened when the games were meaningful, 45 thousand butts in the seats buying beer and pizza. When was the last time that happened in Seattle? Sign him for a one to three year deal with incentives and watch those young boys in the clubhouse smile.


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Seager was heading into the last year of his guaranteed portion of his contract and decided to instead of hitting his normal .235 with 20-25 hr's and 75 rbi's (last 4 year averages per 162 games), swing for the fences.

Why not? Nothing to lose.

Team's expectations were not high this year as a team and he would be walking anyway.

I never trust a player who is on the last year of a contract, so his stats this year are tossed.
His $20+ million option was not going to be be exercised no matter what.

Will be interesting. His John Olerud-clone brother Corey in LA is also going to be a free agent and will probably be a Dodger again at $25+ million/year on a long contract, who knows. He is worth it. Youngish at 27, a steady .300 hitter at a prime position at SS.

My guess is Kyle Seager becomes a journeyman player who might get a decent one year contract from some team, but will not match his numbers of this year-and not get the playing time beyond next year to make a lot of money. Be back as a Mariner after a year away for about $3-4 million for a year?

Yet, he might get the leaving-Marineritus and have a hall of fame career resurgence elsewhere.

We've seen that before.
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Here are a couple of things. Seager hit .196 in August and .194 for July. Ouch. Hey, the Mariners only needed one or two more wins to change the whole thing. Cannot hit that low down the stretch as a veteran. Only 4 hrs in last 30 games if that point comes up.


Kyle Seager: BA .212 603 at bats. 35 hr's 101 RBI's $18,000,000

Mike Zunino: BA .216 333 at bats. 33 hr's 62 RBI's $2,000,000

+Zunino is premiere defense catcher
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Kyle gets the job done at 3rd base.

His BA is weak and he seems to hit better under pressure( albula's) #'s. from a previous post.

Is he worth 20 mil? Nope.


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Despite what I'm about to say, I think they should bring Seager back. He's an every-day big bat in the middle of the lineup. Guys like that don't come cheap. He'd still be overpaid but he's Kyle Seager and that should be worth something in the Mariner organization.

He's Mr. Mariner - 21st Century. The Lovable Loser.

He had his best year this year. 35 HR, 101 RBI. On Sept 22, 10 games ago, those numbers were 35/100. When they had to win them all, they had to do it without Kyle. Over that same 10-game stretch, Mitch Haniger drove in 16 and finished with 100.

For his last 40 ABs I kept thinking, come on Kyle, you're allowed to get more than 100. Just drive these guys in.

In 2016, his last best year, he hit 30/99. Same as this year. 99 RBI with a bunch of games left. Come on Kyle, just get 100. But he never did. M's won 86 that year and finished 3 games out of the money.

I understand. Kyle is a great guy. Everybody loves him. I love him. But I'm not sure he's the best guy to teach the young guys to win.


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You all do understand that Mike Zunino is a classic example of why the Mariners never get over the hump...

Article won't post somehow. Google "bleacher report mariners zunino 10 reasons"

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