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Tennis had to get rid of sets that went on forever and bring in tie breakers. They vary some between tournaments.


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I like it for regular season games. 162 games are enough, we don't need more innings.

Playoffs are a whole different animal.
Free stuff should be left to the politicians not baseball.

Time to go back to allowing ties. At least tie games have a history in baseball. Free runners on second does’t.
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I’ll be bummed when the NL goes to DH rules next year. Totally changes how a pitcher works the lineup. Changes how a manager runs the bullpen.

Plus it’s always fun when you have a pitcher who can actually hit. See: Madbum.


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Plus it’s always fun when you have a pitcher who can actually hit. See: Madbum.

I think you spelled Ohtani wrong.

Or is it a hitter who can actually pitch?

Hell, I don't follow baseball much...shit, the only time I pay some attention is starting around now (and only if Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers are somewhat in it), but god damn, how about that Ohtani! Too bad those Angels only won 77 games....

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If the Sox win tonight behind Sale (a big if), I could see them wrapping it up with 2 more wins at home. But if the Rays win tonight, it's as good as over.


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I actually did not like the Giants move to get Kris Bryant either. He and Longoria are overrated and should get immediate bunting lessons from Belt...

Watch their stats in the next series. They suck->imho, and will hurt the team. Iffy defensive players both, and k- artists at the plate. Longoria is painful to watch.
Do NOT listen to this guy (Longoria still sucks)

Bryant 3-3/1 HR

Yard Sale

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Longoria is a holdover from the old management that valued old stars.

Bryant is the new regime. His value is his versatility.

The position and lineup switching the giants pull is Zaidi’s moneyball moment.

But man, after an early hype and slow rise Webb sure looks like the real deal.

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