Tippet Trash?

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So none of you use those little ziplock leader bags? I can’t be the only one.

I also use one of these plastic grass mats in my boat which acts like Velcro for large tippet/leader pieces. It sucks up leader pieces that might get away from you.



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Hey now, I concede that us whom consciously choose to smoke are certainly filthy animals, however I must make the point that not all of us leave their shit everywhere
I still smoke, gives me something to do between drinks. Still waiting on that next drink though. I extinguish and put in a designated vest or pant pocket, with line trimmings. I pick up all the others I see too. Most days I'm packing out other stuff I've collected also.
I spent an hour Tuesday after I finished fishing, something I do often, walking the shores collecting birds nest and line trimmings around the lake and getting them to the monofilament stations wdfw puts up. Got lots of sinkers and other stuff too.


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MGTom, thanks for "picking up the slack" in your little part of the world, I'm glad to read that. Packing out has become the regular routine for me as well when finishing the day on the water. It's important, especially when you also consider fluctuations in water levels as well.... where do the people think this stuff goes? and how does the action of/desire to fish(ing) not naturally and automatically correlate in the mind of the angler with minimal impact and leaving the place in better shape than it was on arrival....you would think most humans experience/enjoyment of natural and beautiful things would be negatively impacted by trash, their own or others.... regardless of the method of collection its refreshing to see so many people commenting, indicating they've thought about it and it matters to them in the first place.

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I misplaced a Mono Master a some years back. They're expensive for what they are so being a cheapskate I used shirt-waders-trousers-jacket pockets, and tried to remember to empty the pockets before washing. I tried to remember to stick a ziplock baggie in a shirt pocket then also remember to take it out of the pockets before washing :eek: . A DIY Mono Master from a pill bottle didn't have a big enough slot in it to make it easy to swallow a coiled loop of tippet to catch on the inner spool "hooks". A DIY Piopod from a 35mm film cannister was too small and difficult to stuff a coil of tippet in it without it uncoiling like a spring and being a total hassle. The real Fp Piopod looks like it's as big as a coffee mug; too big for me to clip on my sling pack. I finally bit the bullet and purchased another Mono Master and clipped it to the back of my sling pack where it's at my fingertips when changing flies, tippet, etc. They easily swallow and make it easy for the inner spool hooks to catch and hold 3/8", 1", or feet of tippet clippings.


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I just got one of the Fishpond Piopod things. It's bulky, but it seems like the fastest and easiest solution. The Smith Creek and Mono Master products are nice and compact, but look slower to use.

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