Open Seat Lone or Pass with Proof if COVID VACCINATION

Tim Lockhart

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I knew you'd moved, but didn't realize it was that far away! Any good lakes over there?
Hey Brandon,
How are you? Lakes are nothing like the PNW, I can count the kettle lakes in Ohio on one hand and, for the most part, the parks dept manages trout and steelhead - trout in lakes generally don't survive the summers so it's a fall/winter/spring fishery, then they start over. Ponds and reservoirs are too shallow...warmwater fish paradise though. I have a handful of lakes/ponds within striking distance of home and am still getting to know them. At least the trout plants are good sized, 14"+ since the lifespan is so short. Btw the SH fishery is obnoxious - every man, woman, child and dog can easily catch them in Erie's tribs.

Done a little scouting and fishing in PA and there's lots to work with. Covid screwed that up this past year but i have plans to resume.

Hope E WA is still producing lots for you guys! I'm hoping to finally get home and fish out there, either late spring or fall at the worst..


~El Pescador
where did you fish? how was it? I wanna give you a "like", but I need to read something first.
I hope you went to Lone


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I 3rd wheeled the outing and was given loads of education on everything indicator fishing. It was by far my best day of stillwater fishing in terms of size. After 6 hours of catching in the sun I threw in the towel. Thanks to Ira for making me learned in the indicat game.

If you fish with Ira, bring your big net.



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I could use a how-to, too. I got skunked on Lone yesterday stripping a leech and small soft hackle near the shore with my buddy in my rowboat. The guys out near the middle of the lake with bobbers looked like they were doing pretty well! Guess I need to learn a new trick!

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