Lost my dad Wednesday


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It's the damnest thing to go from tears one minute to laughter the next. Shortly after my dad died someone in my family came up with the idea of giving him a viking funeral. Not that we share any Norse heritage whatsoever, mind you... it was more in tribute to my dad's love for lousy movies and a family rule about never wasting a 'straight line'.

My brother and I built a small (32" long) boat with a single mast and sail. We placed his ashes in the boat while my sister played the theme from The Long Ships on her cell phone, squirted it with lighter fluid, lit it and pushed it out into the Charles River, where he used to kayak just outside Boston.

He would have gotten the both tribute and the humor immediately had he seen what we were up to. It was joyous/sad/hilarious all at once.

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Greg, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Given some time, the painful memories will fade and they will be replaced with the loving times that you shared with your father.

Mike Ediger

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My father is in his 80’s and we have three days of fishing coming up end of May. After reading your post I am looking forward to that trip just a little more.
I am sorry for your loss, Greg.


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Vibes sent.


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Where does dad live? Where you going to fish?
Lives in central Oregon. I grew up in Sherman County so we are going to fish Justeson’s Ranch just outside of Grass Valley where I was born. Even though I’m from there we’ve never finished those lakes and I’m really looking forward to it. Plus since he doesn’t fish much I was looking for an opportunity to get him into a few decent fish.

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Enjoy your time with him. I have many happy memories towing my dad down the Yak. He became too weak to snow ski, bicycle long dustances or dirt bike, but we could fish together and share in the amazement of drifting our fly over the dumbest trout that actually ate his fly and let him land it

Greg Price

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Funny story. I was at the oars, dad up front at casting platform happily harassing fish. A guy in a pontoon boat reached out to us and asked us to come on over. Turns out he was a game warden. No problem and glad to see him. But dad gives me a worried look and tells me he forgot to crimp the barb on his hook. So game warden is friendly, greets us. Asks my dad to swing his fly over to him. Oh no. How much is this going to cost? I tell game warden my dad is elderly and fully me t to comply with rules but in his fogerfulness he accidentally tired on a fly with barb (which is the truth). Game warden scolded my dad then let him go without a scofflaw tick it. Still makes me laugh when I remember feeling horrified when dad told me his fly had a barb. Funny memories of human frailty

next time I visited his home I went thru his fly boxes and pinched all barbs so we would not repeat that performance:)
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