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Beautiful job..!! Sometimes reclaimed wood can show some beautiful character. A previous house that I had, I redid the kitchen using some true to size 4"x6" oak beams that came out of a distillery that was being torn down. I had reworked and then installed the beams in my new kitchen ceiling. Looked very appealing when it was finished and gave the kitchen some character...
Thanks! And yes, reclaimed wood can really shine with a little care. Those oak beams you used sound really nice and I'm sure they added a very custom, unique look to your ceiling.


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I made this a few years back, but sold it yesterday. I wish I had room for a shop and to tinker more.
Nice Murphy bed, that sliding shelf for the lamp is very unique and adds some nice character to the piece. Woodworking requires having a dedicated space with plenty of room for working plus the proper tools to go with it..

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Corected my post, have no idea why i said Mapple? I think a Mapple tree would have to be 10 thousand billion years old to have that size of trunk!


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My 10 yr old granddaughter is a horse nut, and collects Schleich horse figurines. I built her a miniature barn in the past, and she knows I'm a soft touch when it comes to building projects for her. She called and asked if I can build her 2 shelves which she can store her horses on. (I decided to put a rail fence on, so the horses don't fall to their deaths)
(I also built the coffee table they're sitting on...another story )

Here's what I sent her:

shelf 1.jpg

Here's what they looked like when she got them:

paige's shelf 2.jpeg

It turned out she had over 70 horses...So two more shelves went in the mail after this..
Then her friend saw them....another 2 shelves in the mail...(That's what grampas are for, isn't it?)
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Is there a local place that gives lessons? Arlington area
My wife has some great equipment she is learning to use


Here's a few things I've made over the last year: The cutting board was a 40th anniversary gift for my girlfriend's parents, the bookstand was for her sister, and the table is the first thing I made for the house we bought last Fall.


  • tumblingblock_board.JPG
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  • tumblingblock_gouge.JPG
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  • bookstand.JPG
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  • trestle_table.JPG
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  • trestle_disassembled.JPG
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