River right cast

When Spey casting river right with a sink tip what is a good cast ? I know a snake roll works with floating line but with the sink tip you have to get all the sink tip up the the surface, a double Spey you can do also bit again have to get all that sink tip to the surface.


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Left shoulder snap T or circle cast if you’re comfortable casting with your left shoulder. Once I learned to cast off both sides it opened up a whole new world of water I could fish.

I never did master the snake roll, despite how easy it should be. And it looks so cool when pulled off properly.

Good luck!



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With a heavy tip and big fly I usually go double spey. You want to go slow and really exaggerate the "out and across" part of the sweep. Also delay the forward stroke a bit until the belly pulls the tip about halfway out of the water.

If the hydraulics really cause the fly to dig or if there is limited casting room, I'll usually do a poke. That's only good out to about 50 feet or so though.
The first thing i think of no matter which side of the river I'm on is which way the wind is blowing, up stream or down and how fast. That tells me what cast to use. No wind ( I guess that happens) river right double with a sink tip and spiral with a floater. Quickest and easiest, long day and limited energy. I hate pulling flies out of the back of my neck.

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What fisshman says about the snake roll is spot on, and regardless the line configuration, skagit, multi- density scandi, or mid to long belly, the lift, and choosing the correct rod length for the line are critical. I find the snake way more predictable than the double for a downstream wind wit tips, but it takes practice. For an upstream wind the circle, or the snap t are my cast of choice with tips. My cast is a bit of a combination of both for consistency.

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