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Cleaning out gear and outdoor clothing not being used. All in very good condition.

Filson Limited Edition Wool Jacket - size small, lined w/ handwarmer pockets. Great jacket but I have a different wool jacket that tends to get the nod. $150

Filson Ultralight Vest - size small, great condition with little wear. SOLD

Fjallraven Raven Jacket - size small, Navy, in good condition. $60

Osprey Daylight Backpack - 20L grey, great condition but I seldom use $35

I'd sell all four items listed for $210 shipped.. PayPal preferred. Shoot me a PM with questions or if you want other pics.


Filson Wool Jacket.jpg Filson UltraLight Vest.jpg FjallRaven Jacket.jpg Osprey DayLight Backpack 20L.jpg
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