FS Burkheimer DAL 489-3 SOLD


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Hi Friends. This was an additional 4wt that has been at the Burkheimer shop over the winter / spring getting repaired and I no longer see a spot for it with the trout fishing I'm doing. Previously, the wood reel seat cracked and Kerry and the Crew fixed it up with a brand new wood insert and black smoke reel seat. Looks very, very sharp overall if not a smidge longer than it was before. Anyhow I took a pic with an Abel Super 4 (not included) so you can get an eye on the rod with reel. Comes with the original Burkheimer tube and sock. One of their best trout rods. SOLD via PayPal. Thank you.

IMG_7982.JPG IMG_7994.JPG IMG_8001.JPG IMG_8002.JPG IMG_8003.JPG IMG_8004.JPG
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Mike Ediger

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Nice rod. The California buckeye burl seat with black nickel hardware is my favorite combination for any fly rod!

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