How would you target a massive trout in a log jam?


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This is probably the best post that I have seen on here. The diagram cracked me up.

If I'm understanding the diagram properly, it seems like they would almost certainly not be drift feeding. I'm inclined to agree with Rob Allen, in that they are probably meat eaters. You could try throwing a streamer in there, in hope of getting a territorial response. Tight-lining a streamer, from a perpendicular angle, is probably what I would do.



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Well done Jesse.


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I'm not sure how you guys can't at least try when you see a's in my DNA to try to make it happen.....unless they are spawners of course

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Spent a fun day fishing the yakima. Of course - I couldn't be happy just fishing normal spots, and instead was creeping around big log jams peering into the water for unmolested monsters.

Unfortunately enough, they were in there. Tucked behind the fly stealer of all fly snaggers - there was a group of big boy trout hovering about 8" off the bottom in 3.5-4' of water. They were heavies, like tube sock full of pennies heavy....

I had a dry fly tied on (wishful thinking) and tried creeping up curtis creek style - I was able to launch a couple casts right into the back of the log for about as good of a drift as you'd hope. But of course, these leviathans of the trout world gave no sh*ts. I'm sure they were engorging themselves on nymphs, living the good life.

The trout were about 2' behind a big log. There's no way to approach them upriver - as they were tucked in behind the log jam in about a 8' section of water that then hit a tasty slick pocket of cut bank.

I was considering tying a big heavy ass nymph and dapping it in there - but by that time, all my wrastlin' had spooked them away and I had to accept my incompetent failure.

So - hey - figured I'd poll this forum of esteemed and well mannered fisherpeoples. How would you attack it? View attachment 278212
I like your art. :rolleyes: If you publish, let me know.

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