NFC/Edge Gamma Beta rods?

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Thinking about getting a fast saltwater rod for bonefish. Anybody has any experience with NFC/Edge Gamma Beta rods? Not sure which one in their lineup 7, 8, or 9 weight is better for this purpose. I will be fishing in the Bahamas and Belize most likely.


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I had a gamma beta 7. It was a nice rod and very fast. It was a strong 7. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for bones, but I think an 8 would be better. A 9 would be heavy for most bones imo.


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I have had my edge 5wt Gamma Beta for about 2 weeks now. It is an awesome feeling blank and I love fishing it. It is definitely more like a 6 wt than it is a 5 because of how fast it is.

However... I will personally never purchase a built rod from EDGE again. After purchasing it over the phone I didnt receive any form of receipt and had to call 3 separate times to finally make it happen. They had to build my rod so I expected it to take a while, but after 5 weeks they still didn't have any update for me about when I could expect to receive it. After finally getting my rod around week 7, they sent me a Gamma Beta 6wt and not a 5 wt and without any rod tube. So I went to the sportsmans show where they were presenting and traded it in for the 5wt they had there and "new" rod tube they just finished getting ordered. Which is just about the cheapest aluminum rod tube I have ever seen with very little attention to detail and the rod only fits into it in a very specific way.

On to the rod... like I said I love the feel of the blank even though it is a little fast but their attention to detail is pretty lame. There is a gap between the full wells handle and the blank in the front that rattles during a cast occasionally and the foam buttpad on the end of the carbon fiber grip is oversized and was not trimmed.

That was my experience with them. I would have rather bought something else.

Best of luck.

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