Don't open this thread if you don't like Euro nymphing...


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...because you will probably have a full blown aneurysm. :p

I just came across a video on YouTube, with a guy using a really weird line keeper, instead of a reel. I did a bit of digging and found the website below.

See below, for an image of the "reel".


This really blurs the lines between Euro nymphing and tenkara. My initial impression was that it is complete madness and would never work, but then I watched the video on their website and it is actually quite functional. My shoulder was dead, on the weekend, after 5 hours of Euro nymphing. Something like this might be a really viable solution. I've been saying for a while that I barely use my reel anymore, let alone needing a sealed drag and all the mod cons. It may totally suck, but I have maximum respect for this kind of innovation.

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There’s no reason that kind of keeper wouldn’t work perfectly well for creekin’. It looks like dog’s balls, but I see no reason to exclude it. I’d prefer a version of this that resembled an open reel spool on a minimal frame to absolve it of its current hideousness.


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Someone posted something up like that once before. Even over here in the land of little fish I hook something big enough to get to the drag, and there is always a chance encounter with that steelhead that goes to the backing. Hate to loose the fish of a season to play with a neat little gadget.


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I guess I see it as trying to reinvent the wheel. Didn't he say one of his issues was the weight of the reel? Well, there are lots of lighter weight reels out there. There's a reason that no one else has successfully marketed something like this in the past. IMO.

Damn, Jared, 5 straight hours? It's impressive that you managed to hold your concentration for that long....ha! That's my limiting factor (also a contributing factor when indi fishing).

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