FS $$$OLD!!! RL WINSTON Boron III X 905-4 Fly Rod

RLW Boron III X 905-4 Fly Rod

Wonderful rod. My favorite 5wt by a long shot, but I picked up a 5wt Air and simply prefer it slightly better. In exceptional condition. Comes with original sock and tube. Has been registered.

No trades unless it’s a Sage TXL-F 000wt rod.
Price is shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
B1DBCDD9-E002-4F24-954F-7BE39E926DCB.jpeg DBABA272-DF79-45F6-A941-0B6173074620.jpeg A627F201-519E-45BC-9119-4A9D672B53E8.jpeg 46288AE1-1D73-4540-837D-B89F0E872C8F.jpeg 78B071C1-D902-4A8A-8E19-62C62A740A75.jpeg DBEE995A-AC55-4A1F-B141-1EE7B69E8FD6.jpeg

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