Show off your best fly rod build!

I have seen many beautiful custom fly rods on this site, the real talent is out there! Let's see your best custom built fly rod!

To start off this is my favorite creation so far. It's a 10wt. travel saltwater combo rod. St. Croix SC5 blank, Recoil titanium guides and a lathe turned cork handle. The Alps triangle reel seat is quite universal. It accepts a large fly reel just fine and is also tight enough for a casting reel. I am not a fan of spinning reels so I use an Abu Inshore with this one. The fighting butt can be replaced by this 12" carbon tube handle with an aluminum "ferrule" to transform a fly rod into a fully functional casting rod. Looks a bit unconventional in this configuration but works great. I have been using it quite a bit until the COVID for all my travel needs.


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LOL! I guess everybody is fishing this weekend, I am the only one who is still stuck in the winter season rod building rut. It's so hard to stop sometimes...


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Like your epoxy work! Very nice!
Thanks for the feedback!

Definitely improving with each build. I'd say this is my best overall work yet, but this is only around my 5th rod done. Never started getting serious into building and adding decoration until recently.

Here's the condition the rod was in prior:

Old decoration wrap:

New decoration:

Clean seal to winding check:

Bottom end of rod (Gimbal, reel seat, rear & foregrips all replaced. Owner of rod wanted the rest of blank to retain original decals and aged look.

The cross wrap I had never done before. This was my first time doing one with 0 practice run. Talk about being under pressure when trying to finish a rod of significance (belonged to owners father) trying to get done for April 22nd halibut.

To the seasoned builder with 30+ years experience, the details may not be perfect. But to me and the owner, we are both more than happy with the results compared to the previous condition (I don't think the guides and reel seat would of handled 1 more halibut)


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WOW! Those grips are eye candies! How long does it take to make a grip like that?
Thanks C
All it takes is some imagination to stack the combinations together, playing with different combos until I find one I like. Turning it takes no longer than doing regular cork. I masked off the plain cork, put 3 coats of spar varnish on the fancy cork, then let it turn on my dryer to level the finish and prevent runs. If I just want to bring out the color, w/out gloss, I sometimes just do one coat of Tru-oil rifle stock finish.

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